Let’s Keep Harrods View A Great Place to Live

Harrods View is  a beautiful neighborhood in a great location in a great city. As our homes age, it is important that we step out on the sidewalk and look at our home’s curb appeal. How does your property look compared to your neighbors? Is the lawn regularly mowed and are the shrubs trimmed? Does the house need paint? Is the overall appearance neat and attractive? Take a walk around the perimeter of your yard and check to see that your trees, shrubs, and fences are well maintained and not causing a problem for adjoining property owners. A neighbor has the right to trim your overhanging limbs back to the property line as long as it will not seriously damage your plant or tree. Don’t wait on a complaint from a neighbor or for your neighbor to trim your trees and shrubs. Do it yourself.  Do you have overhanging limbs that drop your leaves on your neighbors’  yards? Well-maintained property lines make for good neighbors. Here are some other things to remember:

Do be a responsible pet owner. Pick up your pet’s waste when walking your pet. It is against the law for a dog to bark “repeatedly OR frequently.” Remember, if your dog barks repeatedly or frequently, not only is it against the law, it is repeatedly and frequently disturbing your neighbors inside their homes. And dogs barking early in the morning and after dark are disturbing some neighbor’s sleep. Dogs are extensions of our families. We would not let a family member repeatedly or frequently yell outside, so why would we allow our dogs to do so? Remember your neighbors.

Again, look under Q&A for information about barking dogs and under Governing Documents/Ordinances. Contact your HVNA board if you are being disturbed by pets or other noises that violate our noise ordinance.

Do be a careful and respectful driver in our neighborhood. The speed limit is 25 m.p.h., including on the first block of Sallee Drive where there have been numerous complaints of speeding. Going faster than the posted speed limit is a danger to children, bicyclists, joggers, and walkers. You will not get out of this neighborhood, or to your home in this neighborhood, any faster than if you obeyed the posted speed limit.

Do pick up litter wherever you see it in the neighborhood.
Do hide or screen trash containers on your property.
Do not park vehicles so they block use of sidewalks.
Do report suspicious or criminal behavior to the HVNA board members.
Do be aware of our Harrods View Neighborhood Deed Restrictions,   noise ordinances, and other laws under Governing Documents on this website. Compliance avoids problems and makes this subdivision a great place to live and raise a family.
• Do let a HVNA board member know if you would like something added to the Q&A section or any section of our website.
• Do visit the HVNA website often.

We live in a great neighborhood. One reason for that is that the first residents back in 1988 worked hard to make it so, as you will see if you look under History on this website. If you have complaints, concerns, or suggestions pertaining to our neighborhood, speak to a board member. The HVNA board wants to make sure every resident is peacefully enjoying their property without undue interference by others and that this is the best place in Lexington to live and to raise a family. Your board members are committed to seeing that Harrods View remains a unique residential development where neighbors care about and respect their neighbors.

CONTACT YOUR BOARD MEMBERS.  If you have neighborhood concerns, we can help. If you have suggestions to improve our neighborhood, we want to hear them.

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