Complaints continue from residents on Sallee who complain of speeding on Sallee Drive. The speed limit is clearly posted at 25 mph. If you go 35 mph you will travel from Lyon to McNair about 6 to 8 seconds faster than if you did not break the law and travel at 25 mph. At 40 mph you will get down the block about 8 to 11 seconds faster. Is 6 to 11 seconds worth breaking the law and possibly causing personal injury or property damage? Think about it. 6 to 11 seconds. With cars and trucks parked on Sallee it can be difficult to see when backing out of driveways on Sallee and then suddenly there is a vehicle right on the person backing out because the driver is speeding.

And remember– school starts on August 10. Children will be on our sidewalks and crossing streets. And grandchildren are frequent visitors at some homes in Harrods View. It takes a split second for a child to run into a street. Is it worth endangering lives for 6 to 11 seconds saved speeding down Sallee Drive? And if you are speeding down Sallee to leave the neighborhood those 6 to 11 seconds just get you to a red light quicker. Is it really worth it? Please obey the law when driving our neighborhood streets.

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