JUNE 2022

Summer officially arrives this month. Days get longer, hotter, and more humid. But at least the snow and ice are gone for awhile. Time to get outside and make those yards look inviting for residents and visitors. Don’t forget to keep tree limbs trimmed so they hang no closer than 7 feet over sidewalks.


Over the past couple of weeks we have asked residents of Harrods View to pay an annual membership fee of $35. HVNA is a voluntary organization. We appreciate those who have volunteered over the years to serve on the HVNA board and in other capacities to protect, preserve, promote, and improve the aesthetic appeal, character, and value of the Harrods View neighborhood as a desirable residential area. No volunteer gets paid. All collected monies go back to the benefit of all homeowners, HVNA members and non-members, of the Harrods View neighborhood.

This time we have also asked for an extra donation so that we can protect our four entrance posts from further deterioration and to improve the landscaping around the posts. Some of you have made generous donations and we thank you for caring about your neighborhood. However, we are still well short of funds needed just to properly repair the mortar, seal the bricks, and place capstones on the four entrance posts. This project can no longer be delayed without total deterioration of our posts.

Therefore, we are asking that those who have not donated to please consider doing so. Even if you do not want to join HVNA you can still donate. Make a check to HVNA and drop off or send to Greg Freedman, 2177 Sallee Dr, Lexington KY 40513.

The estimate on the repair of posts with capstones is $7,800. We could repair without capstones for about $4000. But the lack of capstones is what has allowed our posts to deteriorate. To repair without capstones is to kick the can down the road.

We had $3050 in our account prior to this membership drive. We now have about $4500. You can see the problem.  Currently only about 20% of the homeowners in Harrods View have joined for 2022. That low rate of membership of this small neighborhood will not adequately fund this neighborhood. It is up to the neighbors to actively support a viable neighborhood association or to decide Harrods View does not need a neighborhood association. The choice rests with each Harrods View homeowner. Any person who works in real estate will tell you that the neighborhoods with neighborhood associations are the more desirable neighborhoods  and neighborhoods without associations decline.

HVNA has been in existence since 1988. Over the years it was the HVNA that fought and restricted the size of the Palomar Centre from expanding further down Man-O-War and deeper toward our neighborhood,  stopped the plan to make McNair way go to Palomar Centre and instead make a deadend thus avoiding making Sallee a heavily traveled cut through street, stopped development of what was then the farmland on the south side of Sallee from being developed as commercial and multi-family housing and instead creating Palomar Trace Drive as a single family home residential street, and stopped the commercial development of the lot at the end of Palomar Trace that runs to Harrodsburg Road. It was the HVNA that got the developers to build our entrance posts and plant street trees. We have also supported surrounding neighborhoods when they needed support.The list goes on. You need a viable neighborhood association because one never knows when a crisis will face you as an individual homeowner, or homeowners on a section of a street, or the entire neighborhood. But again the choice is yours.

Please give if you can and let’s get this job done.

Big Band and Jazz Music at Moondance Ampitheatre at 7 p.m.:
June 7, Tuesday— DiMartino/Osland Jazz Orchestra
June 14, Tuesday–Walnut Street Rambles
June 21, Tuesday–Brass Impact
June 28, Tuesday–Lexington Summer Concert Band 

June 14, Tuesday, Flag Day.

June 18, Saturday, Kentucky River Sweep. Join other volunteers to go out in boats and collect trash and debris from 12 miles of the Kentucky River that borders Fayette County. Go to Clays Ferry Boat Dock off KY 25 under the I-75 overpass. Ph. 859-425-2807.

June 19, Sunday, Father’s Day.

June 21, Tuesday, First Day of Summer.

June 25, Saturday, Volunteer Day at McConnell Springs. Dress for working outdoors. Tools  and instructions provided. 10 am to noon.


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