1988 Flashback–Harrods View

In 1988 the Harrods View Neighborhood Association was formed. Lyon Drive ended where the entrance posts are now. It was undeveloped land from Sallee toward what would be Man-O-War and Palomar. This is clearly seen in the second photo below taken from second floor of the new home at 2192 Sallee looking over backyard fence toward what would be Palomar Center and Man-O-War. The HVNA immediately aggressively acted to restrict the size of the Palomar Centre and determine how the undeveloped land would be developed. HVNA appeared many times before the LFUCG Council as it acted to protect the new homeowners in Harrods View.

2192 Sallee–corner of Sallee and Lyon–Harrods View August 1988 Lexington Ky

Harrods View August 1988 Lexington Ky

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